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Religious Events.

Holy Week and Easter in Patmos

Niptiras (the ceremony of the last supper)



The Easter religious celebrations are dedicated to the suffering and resurrection of Christ, and are a pole of attraction for pilgrims who want to live experience of those days with intensity. They have the chance to see a unique spectacle. Τhe Last Supper on Holly Thursday and the Niptira at Loza Square. The Niptiras, is a representation of Jesus Christ with his students and his prayers given in the garden of Gesthimani.
The celebration of the Niptira, is a unique event that has been celebrated through the centuries, in Jerusalem, Rome and Byzantium.
The ceremony of the Holy Washbowl is divided into 3 parts:
The first part consists of, the conversation between Christ and his pupils, underlining the use of ministry not authority. In the second part, the humiliation, where Christ washes the feet of his disciples. The third part depicts the agony and praying at Gesthimani.
The celebration of the Holy Washbowl is part of the authentic Byzantine representation of the Passion that was introduced to the West. They had the identifying name ,"Mystiria". It has been celebrated since the 11th century when the Monastery was built. At the beginning, in the Katholikon, and later in it's courtyard. In the 16 th century it was celebrated in the space outside the Monastery and since then, every year has been either in the Western Square of Chora named after Emmanuel Xanthos or, when good weather prevails, at the Eastern Square of Chora called Agia Levia or Patriarch Theofilo Pagokosta.

Easter Sunday. Vesper of Love

Another astonishing experience is the Vesper of Love on Easter Day. The visitors will have the chance to hear the Book of Revelation in different languages and the Homer dialect. The Abbot of The Holy Monastery gives out red eggs.



On Tuesday of Diakainisimou, the icons are taken around the houses of each parish. This is a residue of an old tradition of devotion what wanted these icons to reach the most remote fields.



The Epitaph (Funeral Oration) of Virgin Mary on the 15th of August


On the 14th of August, a day before the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Funeral Oration of The Virgin Mary and the litany takes place. During the litany, The litany is conducted by the Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Patmos followed by of the holy clergy of the island. This Epitaph is similar to the Epitaph of Good Friday




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