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Important Figures

During the great fight of Hellas to free itself from the Turks, many of the Patmians played key roles. Apart from the three most known, the principal of the "Filiki Eteria" (Association of Friends) Emanuel Xanthos, the patriarch of Alexandria, Theofilos Pagostas and the great apostle of the message of "Filiki Eteria", Dimitrios Themelis, all Patmians, none excluded, played a greatly active role in the fight! Known names of the army of Patmians at the time include.

Pagalos, Emanuel and George Kalos, the sergeants of Dimitrios Ipsilantis, Emanuel and Theodore Xenos, supplying the army of Karaeskakis and used their boats to supply goods to the besieged town of Messologi! In fact, Emanuel Xanthos, who was a scholar, was elected member of the commission that would negotiate peace with the sultan after the intervention of G. Kanigos!

Patmos was the second island after Spetses to rise the flag of liberation on the third day of Easter, in the square of Saint Levia. Patmos, gained its freedom really fast and became the first capital of what was called "Complementary islands of the eastern part of the Sporades".These were the four islands of Ikaria, Leros, Kalymnos and Patmos! Yet this liberation was temporary!

With the Convention of Constantinople, on 9th June 1832, Patmos, once again was made part of the Ottoman state, and was led to have the luck of the rest of the Dodecanese! In 1912 Patmos was captured by the Italians and it was not before the end of the Second World War, that the island became part of the Hellenic state, in 1947.




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