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The Islands around Patmos


Chiliomodi has recently become popular, attracting visitors with its natural and authentic beauty and giving peace and pleasure. In the summer it can be reached by private boats that run from the harbor of Skala.
The etymology of Chiliomodi derives from a thousand "chilia" and "modia" (type of measurement) of cereal production. It seems that there lived monks-hermits, who cultivated the island. Until a A few years ago there was a windmill and in recent a new church of St. Panteleimona was built.
An event is referred to a 1599 code of the Holy Monastery of Patmos regarding a shipwreck : "On the 10th day of June 1599, a boat coming from Nisiro crashed on a reef of Chiliomodi. Four people out of seven on board were drowned and three survivors went to St. Panteleimona but because they had no fire they made a flag. The Patmian people saw it and went to their rescue"


ARKIOIsArki is both the name of a complex of the islands that are situated around the largest island also taking the same name. They are like a beautiful small paradise and administratively belongs to Patmos. Arki is situated 8 nautical miles from harbour of Patmos and is south of Lipsi, Argeloussa, Marathos (or Marathi), Kalovolos, Spolato, Markonisi, Stroggili, Koumaro, Avaptisto, Psathonisi, Tsouka, Smineronisi and Tsoukaki. On main island of Arki, live the largest population with approximately 54 people . Its surface is 6,7 ²m and longitude of its coast line is 25 km. It's harbor is well hidden close to rocks that protect strong winds. Around the small harbor we can see small white stone houses and the beaches of Linari and Tiganakia have beautiful crystal blue green waters. You can find rooms to rent, restaurants and cafeterias. It is connected to Patmos by subsided scheduled ships and daily boat excursions.



Marathi (or Marathos) belongs to the Arki complex and is situated just across from the main island of Arki. Although small, it covers an area of 355 hectares is inhabited and has a small settlement with a wonderful beach. During the summertime you can find taverns and rooms to rent. You can get there on a daily basis by small boats from Patmos, Lipsi and Leros.













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