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Aegean Festival of Taste and Tradition


The Festival based in Patmos takes us on a gastronomic and cultural journey around the islands of the Aegean. Patmos is known as one of the most significant Religious destination of Greece. The Taste and Tradition Festival hopes to add another dimension to Patmos along with the other islands taking part: that of the best gastronomic destination.

The Festival is a celebration of taste and is staged on the third weekend of June, by the local newspaper "PATMOS TIMES" and other bodies. It has the support of The Holy Monastery and financial support of the Municipality of Patmos, The South Aegean Administrative District along with many other sponsors.
Cooks from Patmos and other islands prepare dishes that fit into four different categories. From each category, three of the best dishes are awarded by famous chefs and tasters like Vefa Alexiadou, Lefteris Lazarou, Josef Zisiadis, Helen Psihouly, Georgia Kofina, Vicky Smirly, Sotiris Zaharias, Eftihis Bletsas and many Patmians like George Grillis owner of the Chrysos Skoufos Award, Helen Travlou, Benetos Matheou, etc.
The Aegean Festival of Taste and Tradition, is supported by the following Associations: The Patmian Hotel Association, The Patiniotisa Association, The Women's Association "Spitha, The Association of Kampos Evaggelistria, The Association of Holy Christodoulos, The Association of Protection and Promotion, TOSYN of Patmos, Xanthos Athletic Group of Patmos, YETOUSA from Agathonisi, ARTEMIS from Leros, The Greek Lyceum of Kalymnos, "Women with no borders" from Leros, The Municipality of Astypalea, Municipality of Lipsi, The Regional Unity of Karpathos, The Greek Lyceum of Siros, E.O.S. of Samos, The Association of Boat Owners of Patmos, The Association of Rooms of Patmos and The Women's' Association for Agriculture and Tourism of Patmos.
The announcers of the Aegean Festival of Taste and Tradition are Aristidis Miaoulis and George Amyras.







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