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Dimitrios Themelis

DIMITRIOS-THEMELISBorn in 1772-1774 on Patmos and studied at the school of Patmos (Patmiada). He continued and finished his education in Istanbul and then travelled to Moldavia to give lessons. He was initiated into Filiki Eteria by Papaflessa, and was given the rank of the Apostle, assuming the responsibility to guide the fight of 1821 of the Aegean islands and organizing local Efories. He was obliged to stop and hide on Patmos, when the Turks convicted him to death, because of his actions.
He took part at the Fall of Tripolitsa and in many naval raids.

He was an elder member of Parliament and representative of Patmos at the B' National Meeting of 1823. He has assigned as an "attendant", a representative of the island at the National Meeting in Argos. In 1825 he saw assigned General Manager "of all the political and military affairs in all Western Greece", together with two more fighters. He died on the 26th of March 1826 during the siege of Mesologi where he went to fight with its defenders. Amongst the friends of Patmos were M. Pagalos, Emmanuel Kalos, Georgios Kalos, Emmanuel Xenos, Theodore Xenos and more.









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